Adelaide Solar Power Industry Post 2014?

With the outlook for more feed in tariff cuts likely in Australia we asked John Grainger from the solar panels Adelaide web resource to comment on whether the solar panels industry will hold up after 2014 or go the same way as Queensland,N.S.W. and most likely Victoria, since their solar feed tariff was slashed last month. Here is Johns response:

Solar Industry in Adelaide S.A. set for a shake up?

” Since around 2008 Adelaide has seen a boom in solar power installation – we had weeks when over 70 solar panel systems were being sold per week by the larger S.A. solar groups and even the smaller companies were managing up to 6 or 7 per week. If we translate the recent activity slump in Victoria, the situation could change rapidly after 2012 when the S.A. solar feed tariff drops. The S.A. Government claims that the existing feed tariff for home solar power system owners is subsidized by other ‘grid’ users to the tune of $60 per annum. The same argument was used in Queensland when their 44 cent tariff was slashed by the newly appointed N.L.P. Govt.

The S.A. solar industry employs around 8,000 people and is the N.S.W. solar industry post 2010 is anything to go by, this could easily drop to around 1200-1500 people working in that industry once the incentives to install solar in Adelaide decrease.

Update – 14 October. John has called to say that over 40 people will be attending – we strongly suggest calling asap if you want a place at this talk. Further details at John’s website¬†and the updated feed in tariff for S.A. info is at:,+energy+and+environment/Energy/Renewable+energy/Solar+energy/Solar+energy+in+South+Australia