Adelaide Solar Power Update – October 2017 – Industry In A State Of Flux

The changing dynamics of the solar industry never fail to astound us. With the ongoing rediculous debate around clean coal, power outages in South Australia, lack of direction for ARENA and the uptake of solar battery storage, the picture and future for the Adelaide solar industry remains muddied. In our view here is what needs to happen URGENTLY:

  1. S.A. state government needs to re-introduce a sensible solar feed in tariff. The mismanagement both at state and federal level, of solar panel systems and battery storage technologysolar subsidies has been well documented over the last 10 years. A ‘mid point’ solar feed in tariff of around ‘parity’ with retail electricity pricing – say around 25 cents / kilowatt hour is a ‘reasonable’ figure in hour view. This would reinvigorate the solar industry and home owners with minimal daytime electricity usage would benefit from installing solar systems, as the electricity generated would be paid a fair amount when exported back to the grid.
  2. S.A. government initiatives to ‘support’ uptake of solar battery storage. The rediculous outcry we have seen, associating power samsung SDI solar battery unitoutages in S.A. with the uptake of renewable energy is laughable. The sooner that households can become energy independent from this nonsense, the better. Solar battery storage enable the efficient storage solar solar generated power, for use at night time – the dream of becoming grid independent is nearly here and government support for solar battery storage units would accelerate this reality.