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Low Voltage Solar Systems In Sydney Take Off

The use of low voltage lighting and low voltage home watering systems has lead to an increase in installation of small scale solar system installation in Sydney. These small scale solar systems typically generate around 300 to 500 watts of electrical power which, with the advent of l.e.d. lighting systems, can easily power an average lighting system in a small home or apartment block.

solar panels image

The cost to install these systems is typically less than $1500 and because they are not grid connected even a handyman can install the system in less than half a day. The solar panels can be installed on a garden shed or, if using tilt frames, can be layed in a small area of the garden of the home. The eastern suburbs of Sydney has been the front runner in the use of this evolving technology and the move to going ‘off grid’ has spurred the use of this simple technology to generate ‘green power’ for the average home owner.

Can This Technology Replace Grid Supplied Power?

No. This technology is not meant to replace power over line supplied electricity but is seen as an ‘adjunct’ to grid supplied electricity. Because the cost to supply 500 watts of solar panels, a low cost inverter and a handyman or electrician to install the simple system, it means that more families with an interest in solar technology can now access it and it gives then an ‘entree’ into the arena of residential solar. This often then leads the way into installation of larger grid connected solar systems.