Web Design Company Goes Green

In inner west Sydney a web design company has set up their  business to operate at 100 percent green power with a zero carbon footprint! The business is web design inner west and has been offering website design services to Sydney’s inner west businesses and organisations since 2007. The founder of the organisation, Martin James has had a strong interest in ‘green power’ and operating low carbon businesses since 1980 when he studied environmental physics at Victoria University of Wellington. Back in the 1980′s the concerns about global warming and carbon reduction was coming into the public domain. There was an emerging industry in wind power electricity supply and photo voltaic’s and this captured Martin’s imagination. Today his inner western Sydney office is run by a 12 panel solar system which supplies the entire energy requirement for the web designers business.

Web Design – Low Carbon Business Model

Martin explains that the web design business uses around 4Kwh of drc systems imageenergy per day. The business runs 3 laptop computers, 2 colour printers, low energy lighting systems and 2 Samsung HD monitors. Up 2 3 web developers are working on various web projects from small business websites to shopping cart development to graphic design at any one time. Even with 3 employees the business has run at zero energy input for over 4 years – a success story in running a creative business with minimal impact on the environment.

Martin can be contacted at:

Mob: 0412 664 712

Web: http://drcsystems.com.au/